Destiny Klark

Full Name



Date Of Birth

Eye Color

Hair Color

Destiny Linda Klark


January 20, 2003


Dirty Blonde





First Episode

Portrayed By

Rachel M. Klark (Mother)

Jerry Mark Klark (Father)

Degrassi Community School



Christina Aguilera

Destiny Klark Is Starting Her Year As A 7th Grader At Degrassi Communtiy High School Along With Bestie, Cameron Baker-Nelson, Good Friends, Hayden Thomas, James Thomas, And Zach Thomas. Destiny Is Mostly Seen As A Shy And Naive Little Girl With A Cute Smile That Can Possibly Stop The World But To Her. She Mostly Describes Herself As Independent, Creative And Cute. She Is Most Inspired By The Entertainment World, Wanting To Be A Movie Star/ Fashion Designer When She Grows Up. Despite Her Bestie's Relationship With Emma Nelson-Mason And Spinner Mason , She Mostly Looks Up To Emma's Bestie, Manny Santos . Destiny Resembles And Is Portrayed By Singer And Actress, Christina Aguilera.

Early LifeEdit

Destiny Klark Was Born January 20, 2003 In Toronto, Canada to Her Mother, Rachel M. Klark And Father, Jerry Mark Klark. Destiny Was And Is A Very Active Girl, She Would Always Be Drawing And Writing Her Fantasies And Dreams On Paper And Tape them to Her Wall, She Was Very Outgoing And Creative In A Way And Very Unique. She Started Elementary At Westfield High And Before Graduating From There She Met Bestie, Cameron Baker-Nelson And They Formed A Friendship. In 6th Grade She Also Became Friends With The Thomas Twins Along With Cameron And They Both Started A Friendship Group.


Season 1

Destiny Usally Wears Cute Decorative Shirts, Jeans/Pants, Sneakers And Cute Little Vests. She Is Usually Casuall Wearing Like Cameron But A Little Dressy As She Adds Blouses And Sometimes Wears Skirts. She Also Most Keeps Her Haird Down And Curly. She Also Wears Jean Jackets And Shorts.

Destiny Klark In Season 1


  • Destiny Most Likely Is Similar to Former Degrassian, Manny Santos Who She Looks Up To Professionally.
  • She Is The Most Creative Out Of Her Friends.
  • She Wants to Be A Movie Star Or Fashion Designer When She Grows Up.
  • Cute Boys Are Her Weakness.
  • She Has Big, Cute, Obsessive Crush On Degrassi School Mate, Matt Stevenson (Along With Best Friend, Cameron Baker-Nelson ).
  • She Has Very Over Protective Parents.
  • She Would Most Likely Major In Fine Arts When She Goes to College.



  • Cameron Baker-Nelson (Best Friend)
    • Start Up: Elementary

      Cameron And Destiny

    • Background: Destiny And Cameron Met In Elementary And Bonded When They Would Share Each Other's Lunch. They Both Kept Their Friendship Going When They Entered 6th Grade And Met Some Other New Friends, Hayden, James And Zach Thomas.
  • 'Hayden Thomas' (Good Friend)
    • ​Start Up: 6th Grade

      Destiny And Destiny

    • Background: They Met In 6th Grade When Hayden Was Being Teased By Some Other Clasmates And Destiny Stepped In The Way And Befriended Him, They Bonded And Hayden Would Help Her In Her Studies. They Both Are Keeping A Good Friendship Going.
  • Zach Thomas (Good Friend)
    • ​Start Up: 6th Grade

      Destiny And Zach

    • Background: They Both Met In Art And They Clicked And Had A Friendly Friendship Going, They Would Always Eat With Cameron And Hayden Together At Lunchtime.
  • James Thomas (Friend)
    • ​Start Up: Through Hayden And Zach

Destiny And James

  • Background: James Met Destiny Through This Brothers And They Would Eventually Become Friends When James Started  Hanging With The Group. 
  • Milly Blake (Good Terms)
    • ​Start Up: 6th Grade

      Destiny And Milly

    • Background: They Would Barely Talk And They Were In Each Other's Science Class And Destiny Would Come Over to Milly For Some Help. They Kept A Simple Friendship Going.
  • Hallie Barns (Frenemies)
    • ​Start Up: 6th Grade

      Destiny And Hallie

    • Background: They Really Couldn't Stand Each Other, They Are More Like Frenemies Instead.
  • Manny Santos (Good Friends, Mentor)
    • ​Start Up: Prior to 7th Grade Year (Summer Time)'

      Destiny And Manny

    • Background: Destiny Looked Up to Manny, And Manny Liked The Way The Girl Thinked And Dressed, They Became Friends And Formed A Mentor-Student Relationship
  • Jay Hogart (Friends)
    • ​Start Up: Prior to 7th Grade Year (Summer Time)

      Destiny And Jay

    • Background: They Met When Manny Was Around, They Both Became Friendly to Each Other
  • Emma Nelson-Mason (Good Friends)
    • ​Start Up: When Destiny Was 11

      Destiny And Emma

    • Background: Destiny Met Cameron's Mom When She And Cameron Wanted A Sleepover. They Both Became Friends And Emma Saw The Good Influence Destiny Was On Cameron, So She Enjoyed Her Company When She Would Come Over
  • Spinner Mason (Friends)
    • ​Start Up: When Destiny Was 11

      Destiny And Spinner

    • Background: Destiny Met Spinner When She Would Spend The Nigt With Cameron, Spinner Seem to Like Her Company And They Became Friends


  • Matt Stevenson (Crush)
    • ​Start Up: 6th Grade

      Destiny And Matt

    • Background: Destiny Basically Adored Matt And His Home Life, She Started Crushing On Him Since He Transferred In The 6th Grade And She Just Adored His Style, His Smile, His Flowing Hair And Everything. She Is Determined to Make Him, Hers. No Matter What.