Cameron Baker-Nelson
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Full Name



Date Of Birth

Eye Color

Hair Color

Cameron Baker-Nelson


April 17,2003

Dark Brown






First Episode

Portrayed By

Hilary Ann Baker (Biological Mother) 

Derek Jean Kingson (Biological Father)

Emma Nelson-Mason (Foster Mother)

Gavin Spinner Mason (Foster Father)

Jack Simpson (Foster Brother)

Christine Nelson (Foster Grandmother)

Archie Simpson (Foster Grandfather)

Degrassi Community School



Alexa Vega

Cameron Baker-Nelson is Starting Her Year As A 7th Grader At Degrassi Community School. She Enters As A Sometimes Rebellious But Independent Tomboy Along With Her Shy But Creative Best Friend, Destiny Klark, And Good Friends, Hayden Thomas, Zach Thomas And James Thomas. She Deals With The Drama Of Degrassi With Her Foster Parents And Former Degrassi Students, Emma Nelson-Mason And Spinner Mason And Also Foster Grandparents And Former Degrassi Students, Christine Nelson And Former Principal, Archie Simpson . Cameron Baker-Nelson Resembles And Is Portrayed By Alexa Vega.

Early LifeEdit

Cameron Baker-Nelson Was Born April 17, 2003 In Toronto, Canada. She Was A Big Struggle For Her Biological Mother, Hilary Ann Baker And Father, Derek Jean Kingson, As They Both Tried to Raise Cameron At The Age Of 16 And Age 18. Hilary Realized It Was Too Much And Needed To Focus On Other Things Before Trying to Start A Family, So Feeling Helpless And Having Nobody To Trust With Her Baby, Hilary Put Cameron In the Adoption Center With Derek Agreeing. After Being Entered In The Adoption Center, Cameron Had A Hard Time Trying To Get Adopted And Became A Foster Child. Cameron Baker-Nelson At The Age Of 9 Became A Foster Child After Her Biological Parents Took Her Away. She Lived With Many Other Foster Kids Until She Got Adopted At Age 10 By Emma Nelson-Mason And Gavin Mason, She Was Introduced to The Whole Nelson-Mason Family And Began To Start Her Life With Them. She Started Late In Elementary School (Where She Met Destiny Klark And They Reluctantley Became Friends), She Then Started Sixth Grade As She Become Closer to Destiny And Met The Thomas Brothers (James, Hayden, Zach) And Became Friends With Them Along Destiny.

Appearance Edit

Season 1

In Season 1, Starting Her 7th Grade Year She Starts To Wear Mostly Casual Shirts, Jeans, Cargos (Bottomwear), Sneakers, Sleeveless Shirts, And She Always Has Her Long Dark Brown Hair Flowing Down.
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Cameron In Her 7th Grade Year

Trivia Edit

  • She Is The Foster Daughter Of Former Popular Degrassians, Emma Nelson-Mason And Spinner Mason .
  • She Has Some Similarites To Former Degrassians, Sean Cameron And Ellie Nash. (Who Ironically Both Dated)
    • Cameron Is Compared to Sean Cameron Who Used to Date Emma And Had A Conflict With Spinner's Best Friend, Jimmy Brooks
    • Ellie (In Degrassi: The Next Generations Season 2) And Cameron Both Seem Quiet And Depressed
    • Cameron And Sean Both Started Degrassi As A Rebellious Student
  • She Is Best Friends With Destiny Klark
  • She Is More Of A Outsider
  • She Is The First Character In The New Generations Story/Franchise To Have A Foster Homelife Background/Plot
  • She Also Has Similarites to Former Degrassian K.C. Gutherie
    • They Both Were/Is Foster Kids
    • They Both Started Degrassi Without Biological Parents.
    • Compared to K.C.'s Style In Season 8 And Cameron's Style They Both Have Similar Sense Of Style

Relationships Edit


  • Emma Nelson-Mason (Foster Mother)
    • Start Up: When Cameron Was 10

      Cameron And Emma

    • Background: Emma Along With Husband Gavin Both Adopted 10 Year-Old Cameron When They Stumbled Upon Her On A Playground. Emma's First Thought About Her To Her Suprise Was Taking Cameron In And Seeing What She Was Like. Cameron At First Seemed Confused About Her And Gavin As They Adopted Her, When She Arrived With Them She At First Never Talked For The First Few Weeks Living With Them And Was Always to Herself. Emma, Who Was Not Bothered By This Helped Her Out Of Her Shell When She Started Playing And Taking Her to Places To Help Her Feel Comfortable Around Them. Cameron, Later Did Get Comfortable Around Them, Much to Emma And Spinner's Happiness.
  • Gavin 'Spinner' Mason (Foster Father)
    • Start up: When Cameron Was 10

      Cameron And Spinner

    • Background: Spinner Along With Emma Both Adopted 10 Year Old Cameron When They Stumbled Upon Her On A Playground. Spinner At First Immediately Thought He Wasn't Ready To Adopt A Child After Hearing Emma's Decision. Emma And Spinner Both Argued A Bit About Adopting Cameron, Until Spinner Finally Came to A Conclusion And Let Emma Adopt Cameron. With Cameron In The House, Spinner Awkwardly Tried to Befriend Cameron And Father Her Which Led To More Complete Awkwardness Since He Didn't Know What To Do. Cameron Soon Became Comfortable When Emma Started Scheduling Family Night Outs With Spinner, Her And Cameron.
  • Jack Simpson (Foster Brother)
    • Start Up: When Cameron Was 11
    • Background: Cameron And Jack Of Course Met Through Archie Simpson And Christine Nelson. They Both Formed A Friendship, When Jack Would Come Over And Play. Their Friendship Is On A Strain When Jack Was Sent to Boarding School.
  • Christine Nelson (Foster Grand-Mother)
    • Start Up: When Cameron Was 10

      Cameron And Christine

    • Background: Cameron Met Her Foster Grandmother When Emma Introduced Her To Christine, Christine Quickly Took A Great Interest In Her And Would Love Her Presencee When Cameron Would Come Over
  • Archie Simpson (Foster Grand-Father)
    • Start Up: When Cameron Was 11

      Cameron And Archie

    • Background: Cameron And Mr. Simpson Met When Emma Introduced Them, Cameron Was Of Course Shy So It Was A Hard Time For Her to Be Talkative Around Everyone Especially Archie But They Became Comfortable with Each Other Later On, Kinda


  • Manny Santos (Good Friend)
    • Start Up: Prior To Cameron Starting 7th Grade (During The Summer)
    • Pizap.com14323554523401

      Cameron And Manny

      Emma's Long Time Best Friend, Manny Met Cameron And They Clicked Instantly, Cameron Was Impressed With What Manny Represented And Manny In Return Was Amazed At How Emma Adopted Cameron And Cameron's Presence.
  • Jay Hogart (Good Friend)
    • Start Up: Prior To Cameron Starting 7th Grade (During The Summer)

      Cameron And Jay

    • Background: Cameron And Jay Met Through Emma And Spinner And They Both Kind Of Clicked, They Both Formed A Brother/Sister Bonding Friendship
  • Destiny Klark (Best Friend)
    • Start Up: In Elementary

      Cameron And Destiny

    • Background: Destiny And Cameron Both Met When Cameron Enrolled into WestField Elementary And They Bonded When They Shared Their Lunch During Lunch Time, They Both Became Closer 
    • Over The Years As They Made Other New Friends, Hayden, James And Zach Thomas. They Both Are Entering 7th Grade Together Along With The Thomas Twins.
  • Hayden Thomas (Good Friend)
    • ​Start Up: 6th Grade

      Hayden And Cameron

    • Background: Hayden And Cameron Met When They Both Started 6th Grade Along With The Other Thomas Brothers And Destiny. They Both Bonded Over Sports When They Were Paired Together As Partners And Hayden Helped Her In Math. They Both Keep A Good Friendship Going.
  • Zach Thomas (Good Friendship)
    • Start Up: 6th Grade

      Zach And Cameron

    • Background: They Both Met In Art Class And Through Hayden, Cameron And Zach Bonded Over Art And Having The Same Choices Of Lunch In Common. They Both Keep A Good Friendship Going.
  • James Thomas (Good Friendship)
    • ​Start Up: Through Hayden And James'

      James And Cameron

    • Background: James Met Cameron Through His Brothers, Cameron And Destiny Would Come Over to The Thomas Household And They Wold Have Little In Common But A Good Friendship.
  • Hallie Barns (Friend, Good Terms)
    • ​Start Up: 6th Grade

      Hallie And Cameron

    • Background: They Both Started 6th Grade But They Were too Different From Each Other, Hallie Was Smart And Very Demanding As For Cameron Who Was Laid-Back And Kinda Shy, They Both Decided to Be On Good Terms And Have A Simple Friendship.
  • Milly Blake (Good Terms)
    • ​Start Up: 6th Grade

      Milly And Cameron

    • Background: They Were More On Good Terms Than A Friendship, They Never Really Talked To Each Other And When They Did It Was About Halloe Since Milly Is Hallie's Best Friend.


  • Matt Stevenson (Crush)
    • ​Start Up: 6th Grade

      Cameron And Matt

    • Background: Cameron And Matt Met Back In 6th Grade And Cameron Secretly Harbored A Crush On The Boy, She Was Intrigued By His Homelife And His Passion For Playing Sports.